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  • Poisoned Pawn

    In a tragic series of events a member of the black team, in an apparent suicide attack, tried to pin white's queen. The incident is under criminal investigation. This is a developing story: We'll give updates on the story as we learn more.
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A collection of hand-falsified master works.

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Last Exit To Roadkill

Don Coyote de la Mancha

A collection of Virginia's wildlife city dwellers.

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O You Wonderful One

2019 Thanksgiving Card

Check out the newest Thanksgiving Card!

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How Much Is Five?

How Much Is Five? goes back in time, exhibiting a large part of 10 years' worth of Angelika Kirchmeyer's calendars and funnies. Within How Much Is Five? Angelika also allows her readers to follow her train of thoughts while she is creating something (Caution: Chances are that you will be disappointed.)

How Much Is Five? is supposed to make you smile. Angelika: "I realize that my jokes are sometimes actually killing people." That means, How Much Is Five? makes for a great gift for friends and foes alike!

How Much Is Five?

Papercover: 120 pages | 358 Illustrations | Language: English
© November 2013 Angelika Kirchmeyer | ISBN: 978-0-615-88520-9 | Printed in U.S.A.
Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 inches | Weight: 13 Ounces (the book, not me)

Cats to carnival enthusiasts

  • Cats to carnival enthusiasts
  • Cats

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Vultures to penguins

  • Vultures to penguins
  • Vultures

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Stink bug to lady bug

  • Stink bug to lady bug
  • Stink bug

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Rascal The Treerat



Gay Eagle

San Felipe Polar Bear

San Felipe
Polar Bear



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Grandini answers to polite and friendly inquiries in Gibberish, English, German, Spanish, Greek, Latin, French, and Angelican Languages.

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Angelika Kirchmeyer
At the left: Self Portrait Angelika Kirchmeyer, ca. 2013

Angelika Kirchmeyer aka Grandini is the author of "Patientenpostille Of Polar Bears and Waiting Room Chairs", "Zeitgeister", "Last Exit to Roadkill", "How much is five?", "The Windy Musicissimus", "Rascal the Treerat", "Catpressions - a calendar of the feline mind", "Bouillabaisse, Fishing for English I and II", "German Literatry, your guide to German classics", "Gustav the gay eagle called Gagle", "Camelot and El Mamba the Desert Duet", "Leesburg Stories", "Angelika in USA surprising little things calendar", "Harmlessify your yard", "Penguins Galore!", "When in Rome", and many more entirely and completely unnecessary pieces of work.

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